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Smirk sizes

Mechanics of the mask.

Smirk masks has three main parts. The mask, elastic bands and the adjustable clip.
The combination of these parts adapts to any face and ensures a snug and tight fit.


Adult Mask Sizes.


Kids Mask Sizes.

Please note.

Smirk masks have been manufactured to fit all face shapes and have been categorised into the above general guide of facial measurements. The elastics and adjustable clip allow you to adjust the mask according to your face for a preferred comfortable fit.

Please note that due to different textile being used for the variety of masks, the texture and thickness might differ. However, we guarantee that each mask comprises of 3 layers of 100% cotton material and a removable, non-woven filter.

Got a bigger order?

We can do large orders as well
just give us a shout.

Our local team can manufacture any quantities you require. It’s washable too, so get one to match each outfit you stylish bugger you…