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Mask Filters


Comes in a pack of three. Available in S/M and Large.

Smirk Masks:

Stylish and practical, our masks have 3 layers of cotton from which the inner layer is an unwoven material filter. This provides a barrier to virus-containing droplets. Our filters are available in 2 sizes: Small/Medium and Large.

Perfect & snug fit
Clear space around the mouth
More affordable
Elastic fixing clip
Designed for long-term use


Delivery will take place between 5 – 7 working days.

Sizes & Specifications:

Our engineered mask consists of three layers – an outer denim, with an inner cotton layer, and an unwoven inner filter. Our fabric choice stops water molecule movement that might be virus infected. Our design fits perfectly snug on your face without moving when you talk. The chin mount also adds to easy talking and breathing.  We provide a complimentary fixing clip to take the elastics off your ears, giving you the option to fasten the mask at the back of your head. Our masks are comfortable, practical, particle and safe.


Care & Maintenance:

Our masks consist of selective quality materials that won’t deteriorate when added to the washing machine. We recommend washing the mask after every use. Each mask comes individually sealed for your safety, and are also accompanied by full care and washing instructions.  Smirk masks can be ironed or left outside in the sun to dry.

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